Their eyes are on us.

Every comment we post

Every story we share without fact checking

Every post we start with, “I’m hoping this isn’t true…”

Every keystroke that calls someone with an opposing view an idiot or worse

Every time we sit in silence  when someone spews hate

Every time we shout down someone whose views are different from ours

Every time we marginalize a perspective we have never experienced

Their eyes are on us.

We preach to them about digital citizenship – think before you post…

Is it kind?

Is it true?

Is it necessary?

We admonish them to think about their digital footprint – ask before you post…

What if your grandmother saw this?

What about your future college?

Your future boss?

We lament the rise in cyberbullying and shake our heads and talk about “this generation” that has grown up with screen names and avatars, and we want to blame technology for the downfall of their social skills.

But their eyes are on us…