I get it. We all have a million things we need to do that seem in direct competition with sitting through “yet another” professional development. I’ve seen this meme often enough this year to know that my teacher friends don’t always (ever?) value the time spent in professional meetings.
teacher inservice meme

And I’ll admit, there have been times in my career where I’ve thought, “Just leave me alone and let me teach my kids,” as I’ve sat in a district or building inservice.

But, let’s be honest, what would we say to our students if they came in our rooms and said, “Just leave me alone and let me do what I already know how to do,”?

And how offended would we be if the meme above was changed to this?

teacher inservice meme 2

Yes, there is a need for personalized professional development.

Yes, I value the professional learning I do on my own via Twitter, Google+, and even Facebook.

Yes, I love attending conferences about topics that are high interest.

Yes, we all need time to do our own thing.

And yes, there is a need for us to come together and learn things we might not really want to learn.

Things that might force us to take a second look at our practices.

Things that make us realize that to most effectively teach our students, we need to change what we do.

Like our students, sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know.