I’m not really a fan of resolutions, but I’ve come to love the One Word movement. If you’re not familiar, you can check it out here.

I picked my first word in 2013 – present. My goal was to be present in the here and now rather than worry about what else needed to be done. It was hard: remembering to not check my phone all the time, listening with my eyes (one of my favorite phrases from C when he was little), and not being three steps ahead in my thoughts. But having this one word as my focus really made a difference.

In 2014, I chose the word intentional. As the kids’ sports schedules increased and my dissertation proposal and research loomed, I needed to focus on being intentional with my time. Too often I had felt like the guy at the circus who spins plates. By choosing the word intentional, I planned to let some of the lesser plates; to be intentional in which ones kept spinning.

2015, my word was determined.  When went back to school, my goal was to graduate as S finished middle school. I knew that her schedule in high school would add to our family chaos, so I began 2015 determined to complete my dissertation in time to defend it in April (which I did 🙂 ).

These three words have stuck with me: reminded me of what was important, what I wanted to accomplish, what I was willing to work for.

My word for 2016 is a little different. It is, in a way, a reflection of what I have learned from the other three words. My 2016 word is enough.

This word comes to mind because so often I see and hear the word ‘too’ attached to descriptions of my students, my kids, myself. When I hear it attached to me, well, it makes me feel like I am not enough, and if it makes me feel that way, what does it do to my kids (my personal ones and my school ones)?

So, here’s to this year’s word, enough.

Here’s to recognizing that I am.

Here’s to making sure I tell those around me that they are, as well.

Here’s to embracing my inner Stuart Smalley.

Here’s to celebrating the rough edges that make us unique.

Here’s to being enough.