Yesterday was Groundhog Day; a silly little weather predicting holiday to most, but to the alumni of the University of Dallas it’s OUR holiday. (We are #4 on this list from the History Channel!)

My Facebook feed was full of pictures of groundhogs and wishes of Happy Groundhog Day! One friend mentioned watching Bill Murray in the movie, Groundhog Day, and the conversation turned to “If you could relive a day like Phil Connors, which day would it be?”

That made me think.

One friend mentioned a day we spent in Assisi, Italy during our semester abroad. I smiled at the memories made that day, and thought, “Yep, that Saturday in Assisi would rank in my top five.”

Then someone mentioned their wedding day and the births of their children.

I thought about that for a moment.

A late June wedding, Texas heat (96 degrees), and a long satin dress with a train, 23 hours of labor with S and 20 hours of labor with C – as wonderful as the days were at the time, I wasn’t convinced I’d want to relive them.

So, then I thought about the fact that Phil Connors kept reliving the same day until he got it right…what day would I like to relive to get right?

I had a list…

An argument I had with Tim where I said something I wished I could take back as soon as it was out of my mouth.

The day in London where I was tired and cranky and my sharp words made S cry because she was tired and cranky, too.

The day C told me he had a fragile heart – not that I don’t love that explanation, but I’d love to fix what made him feel that hurt in the first place.

The day I decided I was angry at a friend, and that anger kept us for talking for almost a year.

My first year teaching when I confiscated a note from a student and hung it on the wall for all to read.

The day I questioned a student’s ability because she didn’t want to jump through the hoops everyone else did (as a GT teacher now, I wish I could re-do that whole year!)

The list went on and on…

Lost opportunities to let people know how much I cared for them…

Lost opportunities to spend time with people who are no longer here…

Reality is I can’t fix those moments.

There is no time warp to send me back to undo what I did.

But I can make the most of the life in front of me.

I only get one shot at today, so I need to make sure I get it right the first time.

That means…

I work on making my words gentle.

I work on maintaining the dignity of my students.

I work to understand the learning needs of each one.

I work on spending time with those who matter.

I work on telling people how I feel about them.

I work on protecting fragile hearts.

I’m trying to get it right the first time.

So, what are your Groundhog moments?