The other morning I was running behind schedule so I was drying my hair when C needed to get in the bathroom to brush his teeth.  This isn’t a big deal; happens all the time, but I recently bought a new dryer, and it was the first time he had seen it.  He looked at it, looked at me and then made this boy grunt that only a mom can translate into “What’s that thing?”  So I told him it was a diffuser to which he answered with another quizzical grunt, so I explained that it diffused the air coming out the dryer which helped me dry my hair faster.

He stood there a little longer, and I said, “Yeah, I know, it kinda looks like a ray gun.”

5dcd362e5ae67a5b792788e39abe67f9He looked at me with this huge grin and said, “You so get me all the time!”

He’s right.

I get that he feels things more deeply than other people do – too sensitive some might say. I hate the word too (adverb – to an excessive extent or degree; beyond what’s desirable, fitting, or right.  (

He’s sensitive – no superlative needed.

I get that he sees the world as black and white/right and wrong – it’s really hard  when he sees somebody not following the rules. We’ve had countless conversations about how I can’t make random children at the store follow the rules. As he’s gotten older, I tend to say, “Not my circus, not my monkeys.”

I get that he has to talk to the TV. It drives S nuts, but it makes me smile. I don’t know how often he asks a question about why a character did A instead of B. Of course, when I try to answer he tells me that it was just a rhetorical question.

I get that if it pops in his head, it’s probably going to come out his mouth. I don’t think there’s a mean bone in his body, but he can be brutally honest.

I get that when a topic catches his interest, he kind of obsesses over it until he learns as much as possible about it.  Not sure many kids his age start sentences with, “According to research…”

I get that he can nerd-jack a conversation and go off on tangents that leave other people shaking their heads.

I get that when he does that and someone calls him weird, it hurts.

I get that he’s torn between fitting in and being himself, and that when he chooses to be himself it can be a little lonely.

I get that sometimes he thinks I’m the only one who gets him.

And I so get him.

All the time.