“When do you sleep??”

I get asked that a lot when I talk about my life – two active kids, bookkeeping for Tim and the farm, full-time job, work committees, volunteering, blogging, candy-making, baking (You should see the cupcake request S has made this year!), and, oh yeah,

that doctoral program.

I love it.

I love the challenge of the material.

I love the diversity of my classmates.

I love the seminar format.

I love that I am mentally exhausted at the end of each class.

But it’s not been easy.

I’ve learned to read slowly and to reread and reread again.

I’ve learned to write about what I KNOW not what I BELIEVE, and that’s been quite a mind-shift.

I’ve learned to use my time differently because waiting until the last minute doesn’t work. (Okay, yes, I still finish up papers the night before or morning of the due date, but I don’t start them then which is what I did as an undergrad…and even in my Master’s program.)

And the time away at night has its challenges.

S has gotten pretty good at making dinner.

Tim gets to share in the joys of running both kids to various practices and games.

Homework gets done, although I sometimes come home to a book and a note on the table saying, “I need help with…” so I know to get up a little earlier the next day.

But this is my last semester before dissertation.

Last semester of coursework.

Last time I have to attend an actual class.

As far as credits go, in May I’ll be 80% done.

People ask how I do it.

Sometimes I’m not sure.

All I can think of is the old saying, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

I’m 80% done.

But that last 20% is research and dissertation.

It will happen in small steps.

It will go slowly.

I need to remember

(image used with permission from its creator, Sean Gallo, http://seangallo.com)