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I’m not a huge baseball fan, but I love the movie A League of Their Own. It’s one that sucks me in every time, and I found myself staying up way too late watching it Tuesday night.

I always have to laugh at Tom Hanks’ character when he laments, “There’s no crying in baseball!” and how can you resist Marla’s rendition of “It Had To Be You?”

This time, however, amidst all the familiar lines and scenes, something else jumped out at me: a reading lesson.


Mae has it right. “What difference does it make, okay? She’s reading. That’s the important thing.”

It’s not about making sure they read X number of books from each genre – a nobel idea but unrealistic. Do YOU read like that?

It’s not about staying within a lexile range or level. I know I read well above and below my reading level based on interest.

It’s not about filling out a reading log, reading a certain number of minutes each night, or writing book reports or even journaling.

It’s about more than teaching kids HOW to read. It’s about teaching them to WANT to read.