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I’m not one to make New Year’s Resolutions. Being a perfectionist, I don’t like to set myself up for failure.  I believe in setting goals, but there’s something about the commitment surrounding a new year’s resolution that I just can’t bring myself to make one. I do need to keep focused on the important things in my life, so this year I decided to take a page from Steven Covey‘s story about a jar full of rocks.

If you’re not familiar with the story (http://www.appleseeds.org/Big-Rocks_Covey.htm), it is an analogy about how if you have a jar, sand, water, and rocks, you have to put the big rocks in first or they won’t fit. The jar represents your life, and the big rocks are the things that are important to you. The sand and water are the things that creep in and fill up our time. If you don’t put your priorities first, you’ll never find time for them.

I found an old mason jar and scoured my flowerbeds for the right size stones. I decided that in order to make it a constant reminder, I needed to write one priority on each stone. It didn’t take long to fill up my jar with big rocks: my husband, my daughter, my son, myself, family, friends, faith, work ethic, honesty, communication, integrity, teaching, laughter, education, health, and books.

I know that the sand and pebbles will creep in, but as long as I keep focused on the big rocks, I’m convinced everything else will work itself out.